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Material science research is the bedrock of national development. The properties of materials used in various domains of science and engineering are directly correlated to the microstructure. Crystallography is devoted to the investigation of microstructure of substances and materials by a variety of diffraction and spectroscopic methods. The microstructure of material determines their numerous technological applications in medicine, engineering and environment. Developed world have done so through development of their material science research, which Africa’s economies have not been able to do so and therefore lags behind.

The state of Africa’s economies presents an opportunity for there to be an infusion of new paradigms for sustainable growth. This potential lies in the ability to characterize new materials using crystallography.

An economy based not on mining of the finite resources the continent has, but one that taps into the vast majority of resource in the continent, its people. Bringing creative talent into materials research is likely to spur the kind of economies that is based on innovation and human ingeniousness. This underpins the need to build capacity in use of crystallography in advancing science and engineering important in the development of sustainable economic growth in Africa.

The Purpose

Purpose of the conference is to stimulate economic growth in Africa by building synergy between Funding agencies, Industry and Academia through exploitation crystallography to enhance research and innovation.
Create partnership and linkage between Industry and Academia to spur innovation in Africa.
Create innovation hubs and centers of excellence with research facilities in crystallography.
Enable free exchange of knowledge in material science and technology through postdoctoral and graduate student fellowships.
To enable exploitation of Africa’s abundant materials/natural resources through values addition.

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